Tuesday, July 19, 2005

IT WAS'NT NICE neither was it bad

this is how it's going to be this tough
could't wait to finish these days of blues and red flags,
the white one's still in my pocket,
atleast i haven't decided on it yet, completely.

i got into a ship i didn't know where it's goin'
did not even thought who the captain
this has been the longest days for me
since the last board examination.
little did i knew the kind of men on board.
i knew it's got to be a fun fare,
in a solitary way...

a ship going through the tides in an invisible road
journeying the roughest direction
like huck who did not even know where the mississippi ends.
an adventure i supposed.

my excitement is all over my nerves and stomach.
considering i will be having new friends
and an environ to match my nature.
a stadium to perform my worth run the race and place on a good mark.
a study room to learn new things
and continue my hunger for education and wisdom.

i could have been in love with this suspected niche
with its name and all the flowers
and everything else.
it could've been the turning point of a life
started in tupsy turvy and selfishness...
and idealism.
when all we knew it was going to be another disney
or spielberg movie
it wasn't...

the days were dry crying days of regret...
did i made the wrong choice by pushing in to a wrong door?
and actually not giving the other door a second look,
or atleast a glance?

i've had new friends here.
that i cannot deny.
great new acquaintances of new faces.
i love the race.
i love some people.
i did not like most,
including the boat.
until now,
i am still in the dillema of a monster i myself created
or welcomed.

it was luck or adaptibility
that made me see in the optimistic way,
thanks to the source.
for giving me a grip to hang on
and to persevere under trial.
they atleast gave me a reason to conceal my anger
to be able to show a false smile atleast.
and, yes, atleast... i can still smile or continue the mile...
haha or the meters.

actually this is a list of thank yous. to:
for being there always to share my life with.
for her patience and concern...
including financing and guidance counselling

aunt sani and hubby...
for adopting me in their beautiful home.

rj and joan...

me-an... and the baby
she's such a blessing
and another blessing in process

mil and jim...
keeping things worthwhile

baron... yah, best friend!!!!

net, bob, benj, aster, pao, satanas...
always something there to remind me

kuyas william, dex and anthony
i-red horse na natin to!

regie and jea
ur my best supporters

joy, yca and ysa...
my cheerleaders

i must be forgetting some people...

to conrado
in pace requiscat.

joe, elaine and nina
for being at my side in the most literal way

the sales and marketing group...
ang babaet ninyo... thank you!

to mama...

im still on the initial stage of loving this prefabricated world...
one day... yes, one day...
i'll have the chance to live a life of my own,
a world of our own...
what dreams may come...

i thought of don quixote... i may be as stupid as him,
but i won't deny i'm enjoying life and will be...

however people may see me...
i don't like this prefabricated world but i love to make it my own.

till then, comrade.,.

=== reyn

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mixed Nuts and Butterflies

Thursday, April 07, 2005

On Karol's Death

Suddenly... he just past away...
Striking... He is one person I most admire in my era.
Anyhow, what else can we do but accept it... death is
unstoppable once it knocks to our doors, it comes in
before you can even open... the best way perhaps to
prepare ourselves for death is to open all our windows
to the world and have your heart shared with our fellow.
Suddenly... he just past away...
Shivering... It was so hard to accept, actually, it was
almost hard for me and to others as well to believe that
the goodman is gone. Astonishing that is... Maybe, it
would be easy to prepare ourselves for ourselve's death
because if it comes, we just let it devour us and we endure
the pain... But what if, we are the ones being left
behind? We don't know what to do. Like a herd without
a shepherd we shall lose ourselves in the wilderness and,
or, to the wolves.
Suddenly... he just past away...
what else could we do but be the same passive person doing
nothing for nothing's sake... bla bla bla...
Suddenly... he just past away...
Contemplate... on the man. And be like him, I mean, live
like him and share his legacy. Not the same passive us, but
the truth in the eyes of a plenty.
Suddenly... I gotta go... sorry...

Monday, February 28, 2005

am a blogger now

bagong salta ika nga
am a blogger now!
di ko pa gaanong ma-feel and essence of being such
but im enjoying narin ng konti
thanks to jim for introducing it to me
la pa ako masyadong maisip ilagay
syempre excited kaya dapat yung maganda
basta, il try to publish something good next time
atleast this is better than doing nonsense
better than those ka-cheapan in the internet atleasdt my meaning
and it will somehow inspire and make a difference
kung bakit into the stream ito... ewan
il figure it out and it must be soon
that's to unravel the real me (drama!)
and give you an insight of the most wonderful personality in local industry
(ano daw?)
(industry ng alin?)
to all the quibrangers out there...
check this thing out
mwahmwahmwahlicious everyone!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Of Entering and becoming 'It'

of the most wonderful things that happen in one's life is the coming into existence. a puzzling idea but an evidence of the world's grandeur! a newly created composition whose literature is beyond compare. of romance and mystery, destined to live a mark, a fulfillment of the ancestors' prophecies and thy decendants' legacy. a zeal of truth and unparallelled personality.
the river divides it all. it all came one day, when a rush filled the once serene stream. it added something into it and found something worthless of price... a companion of rise and fall of the bed's ripples. enjoyed the idea of oneness until it was later realized that they have become materially dependent on each other. catching each others fall and sharing each others rise. feeding on each others breath and lying in each others bossom. fornicated to create something that even the angels of the two separate worlds adored. luscious and simply filled with undying flame of hearts and spirits. euphoric, yes. holy, yes.
then into the stream... came a different tune, a smooth harmony of two bloods into one. a part of the river made its a way apart from the source.
it started by digging out a hole beneath the shelf and pouring with great might large amounts of liquid. digging with the earth excruciating in pain. until it broke and surfaced. a virgin stream grew beside the source. and it happened.
the new stream made its own life.
explored the environ around.
conquered every land and flooded it with his authority.
it swallows and crashes everything in its way like a hungry termite.
until... it made itself a name... a river deserves one.
(to be continued...)